Are there days that you feel like...

Unfortunately, over time this makes you feel like you're drowning, just trying to hold it all together. 

 Look Up Collective is made up of women just like you. And together we are following a simple plan that leaves us feeling so connected, in control, and fulfilled in our days. 

And guess what!

We have room for you, too!

  • You are at the whim of everyone else
  • You want to quit it all and live in a house by the sea. (oh just me??? 😎😎😎)


Trying to balance your home + business can be overwhelming

  • You are always reacting to your life + business


Moms feel the pressure to
"work like they don't have children and raise children like they don't work."

and we are NOT ok with that...

sound familiar?

Then we have some good news.

Most of us have no problem with pouring out for others, but we so often neglect pouring into ourselves.

You will learn how to invest more in yourself and how that will reap so many benefits for everyone else in your life. 

1.Commit to invest in Yourself

Ok, so here's the plan.

We are going to help you

2.Clarify What Matters to You

3.Create Sustainable Rhythms

4.Celebrate Who is Impacted

Our minds are filled daily with the chaos of what "should" matter to us.

You will learn to clarify what matters to YOU in YOUR current season of life. 

Do you feel like your days can be described as chaotic and overwhelming?

You will learn to create sustainable rhythms that will ensure the things that matter to you happen in your home + business, all from a place of peace and calm.

While it is so important for us to invest in ourselves, it is inevitable that this hard, sacred work will impact others in our life as well.

You will learn how to look for the many ways that your influence is growing and impacting the people you are meant to serve.

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As wives, moms, business owners, church members, (and many other roles ourselves, WE KNOW HOW IT FEELS. To pour out for others all day long. We also know how it feels to feel overwhelmed with it all. Feeling like life is chaotic and at times uninteresting. 

We get it.

Your Coaches

Because we lived it for years. And we knew there had to be another way.

So we began to invest in ourselves. Journaling, taking walks, checking in and nourishing ourselves, hiring coaches. These were some of the things that began to show us the importance of caring for our inner world. And how it impacts our outer world.

This was something that all the women in our lives needed to hear. So we started The Look Up Collective. To not only share what we have learned about ourselves, but to work with people like us, who are desiring to look up and serve the people in their lives. To pour from a deep-tended well.

Ask us how we know!

I am thankful that I just committed to jump in, even though I thought it was just about decluttering and really just wanted a check list. ðŸĪŠ

This. Is. So. Much. More.


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"I've found so much freedom! Turning to the Lord and reflecting on what He wants for me is taking a huge weight off of my heart. I'm so thankful for the encouragement here!"

"I've found so much freedom!

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"My thoughts are ABSOLUTELY night and day from when I first joined. Night and DAY. Love that so much of this is Biblically based guys 😭 so so much goodness here always."

"My thoughts are ABSOLUTELY night and day different."

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How do I know LUCO is the place for me?

Are you a woman that wants to thrive in her home + business? Then this is the place for you!

We have a beautiful community filled with women who are seeing so much transformation in their lives and we know you are going to see amazing growth as well!


What if I can't attend the live calls?

Every call is recorded and will be posted later in the day for you to watch or rewatch at your convenience in our distraction-free app.

In fact in the coaching programs we are apart of, while we love to attend "live", we almost always watch the replays. That way you can rewind, pause, or re-listen when your full schedule will allow.


How will I know where to start?

We have been preparing for your arrival.

We offer video tutorials on how to use our app, welcome calls to get you acclimated, and an onboarding course to help you begin to see transformation right away. 


How much does it cost to join?

Only $47! Basically the price of a meal out each month.

And when you join, your price will never increase for the duration of your subscription, even though our community becomes more and more valuable each month! So join us today! 


My life is already full what is the time commitment?

We get it. As a woman who is constantly pouring out for others, it can be really difficult to see how you would fit "something else" into your schedule.

But what we have heard from many of our members is time seems to multiply when you implement what we teach you in LUCO. 1.5 hours a week, that can be broken up however you like, will be some of the best weekly investments of your time. 


Still have questions? We have Answers!

We heard you have been wanting 3 live-giving rhythms to help you thrive in home + business!

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Well good news! Our next workshop on April 19th is going to give you just that! 

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